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Quism has is a modular and completely scalable product based on a web application using a relational database. It has a web based user interface, with a consistent look and feel in all its modules and functions. You can easily add modules, user licenses or enable additional functions offering your organization a future proof investment.


We have also integrated bespoke components in the Quism architecure and our product release concept. This way you can order for example custom dashboards, portal forms, application interfaces and wizards, tailored to your business needs.


Quism is based on standard database technology. The Quism logical datamodel and data definition are available for our customers to ease the inhouse development of external interfaces, dashboards or reports. Various solutions have been build based on SQL, LDAP, WMI, SNMP, and XML techniques.





We support various types of Quism installations based on Microsoft Windows Server and .NET technology:


You can adapt the Quism software to your ICT infrastructure and integrate it on your existing web and database servers;

You can install it on a dedicated (virtual) Quism web and database server;

Various cloud and web service configurations are also supported. The optimal solution depends on the required level of integration with you business applications and the available WAN connectivity.

For customer internet access we recommend the use of the Quism Customer portal module and to configure SSL or VPN internet access.




and hardware


Quism is a web appliction that starts in a web browerser and requires no installation on the user platform. The Quism server side installation is based on .NET windows server products:


User platform: Standard desktop, tablet or notebook PC or thin client. The recommended web browsers for Quism are Microsoft IE 8, 9 or 10. For the Quism customer portal module you can use all recent versions of IE, Firefox, Chrome en Safari web browsers;

Server platform: The most used Quism platform is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 with 2008 R2 SQL server or Oracle database. We also suppport the versions Windows Server and SQL Server 2012, Windows 2003 Server and Oracle (also on Linux/Unix). To minimize security riscs, we do not make use Java or the JRE at the user or server side;


: We recommend a recent desktop PC and standard server configuration with a least 6 GB server memory and a multicore processor. Quism is also supported on a virtual server.


service: It is also possible to use Quism as a cloud service from the QPIT datacenter. You can request a Quism cloud service evaluation account. Please contact us for more information on cloud service subscriptions.




You can integrate Quism into you other business applications and databases:


Quism can use e-mail to communicate, report and to notify customers, the service team, specialists and managers. The Quism E-mail module can process automatically incoming and reply mails;

For mobile applications we offer real time push notifications of service events and a dedicated Quism mobile App with integration of the camera and location information;

It is possible to synchronize customer, user and service team information by using the Quism Active Directories integration module. For this purpose also other HRM and CRM application integrations are available;

Additionally we offer various other sources of sevice management integration for example for the service level agreement database and the CMDB.


QPIT BV is specialized in bespoke software development. We can provide you with customizations on the customer portal, service mangement dashboards, registration and update wizards and bespoke interfaces. Please contact us for more information.

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