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You can implement Quism within a few days or weeks depending on your choice of process modules. Our UISM approach is an integral and flexible part of the Quism implementation. Quism offers a flexible framework which you can configure in line with your business processes.


During the implementation we tailor this framework to your needs as further obtained and communicated in discussions, workshops and prototypes. The UISM process handbook forms the guideline for your business processes. Also we review the business roles and responsiblities and propose a schedule for process meetings, reporting and reviews for the business teams.


The duration of the implementation depends on the selected Quism modules, integration requirements, the level of detail and availability of your business information and the planning of the training. The implementation steps are as follows:



and configuration


Installation of Quism on a windows (2012 or 2008, see also server requirements ) web- and database server. This is done using the Quism Installation and configuration wizard module. After this step the Quism application, website, license and database is available with a standard configuration. Next you can login with the Administrator account to further complete you business configuration as explained in the configuration step;

Interfacing synchronisation and exchange of information between other business applications. For example Microsoft Active Directories or SCCM for user contact, account and CMDB information. Quism has standard modules which offer an quick and reliable integration of large amounts of important business information into Quism;

Configuration planning As a preparation of the Quism configuration we make an inventory of you support processes and desired overviews and management reports together with the availability of resources and implementation timescales;

Configuration setup , this involves the actual Quism user access, authorization and service roles, e-mail connectivity. Also the standard service process parameters can be adjusted. For example you can set up the incident, problem and change types, templates, classification, workflow and service groups using the standard Quism Security and Administration modules;

  Implementation steps

Implementation steps



and operation


Training of your service team and the Quism administrator. We will propose a training program based on the Quism standard, administration and advanced module training. See for more information the Training page ;

Testing and validation. You can verify the Quism configuration and functions with a number of key users, proces ownwers and your Quism administrator during the test phase. You can check compliance with your working procedures and process instructions and make adjustments if needed. Important is also the requirement check of the format and content of the Quism management reports.

Operational use and support. After the training of your service team, they can start using Quism as part of their daily operation. OU\ur business consultants and servicedesk is available to offer onsite or remote support.


Staffing and resources

Work .


Your own specialists can install and configure Quism using the Quism Installation Wizard. If needed addinional documentation or servicedesk support is available. You can install Quism on your existing servers. It is also possible to use or deploy Quism as a cloud service (SAAS).


Furthermore we have a broad experience with the reliable integration of business applications and migrations from various exisiting support tools. For a quick start we recommend the Quism standard and administration training.


If needed our Quism consultants or certified business partners will gladly asist you or provide extra resources. For example to


Design and implement custom interfaces;

To train your service teams or to give workshops;

Document you service processes and the use of Quism in the process manual;

Prototype and refine your management reports;

Investigate your support processes and customer perspective. Recommend, implement and supervise optimizations.


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