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With Quism we offer your employees support for all service management activities. You can configure Quism according to your business, personal or customer needs at the application level, organization specific or personal levels. Also various forms of interactive functions are available for your customers and end users. This way they can play an important role and relieve the workload of your service employees in activities for registration, handling and resolution of incidents, problems and changes.





Quism supports all service management processes with a clear and consistent structure closely following the defacto best practices. It offers standard and efficient support for registration, handling, progress monitoring, dashboard overview filtering, notification, reporting, e-mail and customer portal integration:


For the registration and resolution of all customer calls, failure and defect reports, delivery and management of equipment, facilities and software;

For processing requests, inquiries, changes and the planning and the management of projects and releases with monitoring of service levels, contracts and project scope.





Also specialized modules are availabe for support of activities for purchasing, prospect management, ordering and reservation, periodic inspections, management of costs, support and project invoicing;

For application, requirements and release management Quism offers the integration of the Release module with change, problem and incident management. This provides a clear overview of the release status, authorized and implementated changes and resolved defects;

The customer proces integration offers a close interaction with the customers in the service management workflow. Customers can initiate incidents and change requests, update service information, use automated reply handling on mailed information requests, update statusses, request automated reports and provide feedback. You can configure the required amount of customer integration and the customer authorizations.





All parts and functions of Quism are accessible by authorized users from all locations. Both locally from your local area and VPN intranet and remote by the internet using LAN, WAN, VPN and mobile connections using your existing network infrastructure

When you want to use Quism, no installation is required on the user system (PC, notebook or tablet). You only need to start the webbrowser and navigate to the Quism website to start Quism. Depending on your authorization settings, you can login and access the Quism modules and functions;

This makes the use of Quism very effective for organzations with serveral (inter) national locations, flexible workspots and home work. Dedicated functions for messaging, filterning, chronological overviews, multi language settings and notifications further support this type of service operation.



to use and fast to implement


Quism has a comprehensive user interface with a consistent functional structure in all the modules. Also there is a standard use of terminology related to the best practices for service, project and requirement management;

Quism offers an installation wizard which helps to quickly install, integrate and configure the Quism webserver and database. It comes with a default configuration and extensive documentation. The user, implementation and reference guides offer a quick familiarization and implementation. When assistence is needed, we offer remote and local onsite training and support or by phone, e-mail or service portal.

  Incident registration screen

Incident registration screen

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